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Welcome to MMU Mwanza.

Director welcome message.

Shutdown fast! Welcome to Mount Meru University Mwanza Center where the Foundation of Real Knowledge is fostered among students. Mount Meru University Mwanza Center's environment is a place conducive for learning. Our Center is located along Uhuru Street-Mwanza City Mount Meru University Mwanza Center has bestowed faculty and staff who equip students with Christian ministerial and professional skills to improve their quality of life and that of their communities, nations and the world in: Training in the long term professional programs in the specified theological, social science and other disciplines as well as in short term post experience skills building. Conducting research and publication of research finding on issues of spiritual and social-economic development AND Offering consultancy services to the general public in order to create a society free from disease, ignorance, poverty and injustice. Mount Meru University Mwanza Center offers fully accredited degrees and Diplomas that allow students to go to different Schools and professional programs. We take pleasure that our graduates are well placed in different organizations right after graduation. It goes without question that Mount Meru University is the fountain of knowledge and wisdom that produces, excellent, God fearing, visionary, skilled, proactive, hard working and transforming servant leaders.Welcome you all and enjoy yourself.
Silas Noah Bwire ,